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we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight on "world news," under attack. americans placed on alert at u.s. embassies after that surprise assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. the ambassador and three other americans killed. who did it? is al queda striking again? unveiled -- will the new iphone create american jobs? and what was the big idea inside the brand-new phone? and, fast cash -- think robin hood meets al capone. a bank robbery suspect in a high speed chase tosses money out of the window as stunned bystanders scramble in the paths of police. good evening. as we are coming on the air we are learning a lot more about that surprise assault on the u.s. consulate in libya.
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americans were under attack for five hours and today, four of them are dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, the dedicated chris stevens, and here at home flags flying half staff in their honor as tonight american embassies around the world have been put on alert warned against demonstrations and violent attacks and particular focus on these seven you see on the map, seven u.s. embassies. u.s. marines had been rushed to libya, and an urgent investigation has begun. who did this and did al qaeda play a role? our team is out covering this story across the country and across the middle east tonight and abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz starts us off right now. martha. >> diane we are getting more and more details by the hour. but tonight we know that during that nearly five hours, the ambassador went missing and his body would not be recovered for
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12 hours. they came in darkness, 20 heavily armed attackers, swift, savage and deadly. the libyan security guards protecting the american consulate fired back but were overwhelmed. there were no u.s. marines to help. the main building of the consulate was quickly set ablaze. inside, on a planned visit from tripoli, american ambassador, chris stevens, along with several others, trapped between the flames and the gunfire, separated by heavy dark smoke and struggling to breathe. four americans would not make it at least two believed to have died from smoke inhalation. the group, including sean smith, information specialist, husband and father of two. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people
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of all faith around the world. we condemn in strongest terms this senseless act of violence. >> reporter: a terror group affiliated with al qaeda claimed responsibility for the well-coordinated attack. u.s. officials still trying to determine whether it was timed to the anniversary of 9/11, intended to send a deadly message to america or whether linked to an anti-islam movie that sparked a protest at u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt, just hours before the attack. still there's questions over the security of consulate. on this anniversary of 9/11 the consulate was taken totally by surprise. they had detected no specific threats. for more than five hours after the attack, the state department could not confirm the ambassador's whereabouts. in the chaos he had been carried off by a group of libyans who delivered him to a local hospital. his body not recovered for 12 hours.
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>> there's no way to eliminate security risk. what you try to do is manage it and try to look at overall what are your objectives with the understanding these can be dangerous circumstances. >> all americans in benghazi have been evacuated to europe. there's also three americans who were wounded, one of them seriously, diane. >> martha the president said today in his statement, his public statement, make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring justice to the killers. so, what is under way tonight? >> the u.s. is promising justice and right now trying to track down those killers. libyan government promised cooperation and the fbi is involved as well. >> okay, martha. thank you. i know you'll continue reporting the story. as you know, american officials are moving right now to protect the more than 9,000 men and women in the u.s. foreign service. so many of them braving dangers abroad. the names of their fallen
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comrades will be etched on a wall at the state department and today president obama paid his respects there and secretary clinton spoke with fierce passion about their service. tonight abc's jon karl has more about those who died. >> reporter: war was still raging when he first arrived in libya last year. ambassador chris stevens fully embraced one of the most dangerous diplomatic missions in the world. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> he risked his life to stop a tyrant and gave his life trying to help build a better libya. >> reporter: john mccain was with the ambassador when libya celebrated its first ever free elections. >> chris stevens was one of the finest men i've known in my life. he loved the libyan people. they loved him. >> reporter: today on the streets of benghazi, the libyan people grieved for a friend. one sign saying, sorry people of
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america. >> it's especially tragic he died in benghazi, because it's a city he helped to save. >> reporter: three other americans died with the ambassador including sean smith in libya on a brief assignment. >> he was a father to two young children, samantha and nathan. they will grow up being proud of the service their father gave to our country. >> reporter: two others still unnamed americans died as well. diplomats who gave their lives representing the united states of america. >> all over the world, every day, america's diplomats and development experts risk their lives, because they believe that the united states must be a force for peace and progress in the world. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, washington. now for the bigger picture we turn to abc's global affairs anchor, christiane amanpour,
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who reported from this region for years, was on the frontlines for us for years during the arab spring. what have you heard about whether this is al queda, a different kind of al qaeda affiliate at all? >> clearly intelligence and security forces are looking into that. we don't know and i've been cautioned not to say it is al qaeda yet. they're still looking for exactly who is responsible. >> and today we were struck by something secretary of state clinton said. i think a lot of americans have been saying the same thing. how could this happen? she posed this question, in a country we helped liberate? what does this say now about americans in this region? >> i can imagine so many americans feel really desperate wondering precisely that question. the good news, diane, if there can be any in this, second clinton said this was a small and savage group, they did not represent the libyan people or government. polls bear that out. majority of libyans and libyan government support the united
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states. libyan officials were very fast off the mark to condemn it today, to call it criminal, cowardly, to praise ambassador stevens and a promise, i spoke with the libyan ambassador, they would work with the united states to track down, hunt down and bring these killers to justice. >> as martha reported libyans terrorized the ambassador. as we said other embassies are on alert tonight. while there's no evidence the strange report about an anti-islam film played a role, in libya, it did at the american embassy in cairo. that embassy swarmed by demonstrators who denounced the mysterious movie. what is the truth about it? abc has two reporters looking into this incendiary enigma tonight. lama hasan starts us off on the streets of cairo. >> reporter: today anger on the treats over the movie entitled "innocence of islam." uploaded to the internet, it's two hours long and depicts the
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prophet muhammad as a womanizer and pedophile. today, protests at the u.s. embassies in tunisia, and morocco and streets of gaza and here in cairo, anger. >> people are still streaming in. the crowd is getting bigger and their voices getting louder. chanting anti-american sentiments. they were just saying death to america. this man watched the movie and told us his blood is boiling. he blames america. muslims believe it's blasphemous to depict his image in any form. >> we love him. we believe he's the greatest person to ever walk on this planet. >> reporter: tonight as the demonstrations continue for the second night it's their message reverberating across the region. now we go to my colleague david wright in los angeles on who is behind this film. >> reporter: lama, a very long
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fuse appears to have ignited this controversy and it's not at all clear where it leads. today we started by looking for sam bacile, who is quoted, claiming to be the writer, director of this video. he described himself as an israeli-american real estate developer to the wall street journ journal, now in hiding for fear of his life. but sam bacile is a deadend, no public records at all. apparently a fake name. >> my name is steve, s-t-e-v-e, last name is klein, k-l-e-i-n. this man claims to have consulted on the movie but there's no real proof of his involvement. >> who is sam bacile? >> good question. i don't know sam that well. >> reporter: another deadend. tonight he said he managed the production company for this film, suppose with the associated press and he's been reported to have trouble with
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the law known as different aliases. one final mystery, it appears that someone, not clear who, translated the english language trailer in a dialect of the arabic spoken in egypt that's what made it on the tv in cairo. an example how in the internet age it's possible to start trouble half a world away and still remain very much in the shadow. diane. >> so many questions. thank you, david and lama. we turn next and now a note today to the aftermath of the tragic events in libya. republican presidential candidate mitt romney under fire for comments he made about the upheaval as it was unfolding. 55 days to go before americans go to the policy poll /*s. "your voice, your vote" jake tapper has the latest on what is happened today, jake. >> reporter: good evening, president obama said most persons know when there's time to set politics aside, and one of those times was when americans overseas are a direct
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threat, and president obama took a direct shot at mitt romney saying he's not prepared to be commander in cheech. cheech /* as he condemned the attack, the president today promised justice would be brought. >> there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence, none. the world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts. >> reporter: and then he left to console shattered state department employees. last night when americans were still in harm's way and ambassador stevens was still missing, mitt romney went after the president. the object of his ire, this press release from the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt, condemning the anti-muslim movie's attempt to, quote, hurt the religious feelings of muslims. romney said it's disgraceful that the first response was not to condemn the attacks but sympathize with those who waged the attacks but the u.s. embassy's statement about the movie was made before the
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diplomatic posts in cairo and libya were attacked. when asked about timing today, romney stood firm. of the embassy tweeted post attack that its original statement still applied the campaign said. as for u.s. personnel still having been in danger? >> it's never too early for the united states government to condemn attacks on americans, and to defend our values. the president responded in an interview with cbs and "60 minutes." >> governor romney has a tend tendency to shoot first and name later. as president one of the things i've learned is that you can't do that. beyond the tone and timing are larger questions about the president's foreign policy. >> american leadership is necessary to ensure the events of the region don't spin out of control. >> reporter: the president did not take questions from reporters this morning when he came to the rose garden, but several are outstanding including questions about security at those diplomatic posts and more broadly what more blowback we can expect from the arab spring. diane. >> jake tapper reporting in from the white house. still ahead here in other news tonight, the new iphone was unveiled.
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abc's neal karlinsky takes us inside version 5 of the new big thing. >> reporter: apple unleashed its latest iphone 5 sitting on a pedestal, treated like a tiny glass and aluminum work of art. >> this is iphone 5. >> reporter: the most successful smart phone in a sea of competition has a bigger screen, thinner and lighter. >> one function is called passbook. when you walk into the airport, it knows where you are. you have an airline ticket electronically in your phone. it knows where you are. the plane ticket pops up and checks you in automatically. >> reporter: but it didn't pack big surprises. it no longer seems to matter to apple's massive bottom line? will it be a hit? >> yes. >> doesn't matter, it will? >> doesn't even matter. it will be a hit. so many people are on the apple band wagon right now. >> reporter: analysts believe it will sell enough to help the noise's economy. jpmorgan's chief economist
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predicted the iphone 5 could had between 25% to 50% points to the economy. >> i think it's affecting the economy globally. >> apple's manufacturing process is controversial costing $8 per phone and done in china. but the company says american jobs are part of the process. more than 500,000 american jobs in one way or another connected to the apple universe. among them the people at corning who make the phone's amazing gorilla glass. they say the invention of the iphone single handedly saved a plant in kentucky. >> in the manufacturing facility there's 400 people but we have several hundred additional researchers, scientists, other developers, support staff. >> reporter: don't expect to see an iphone made here any time soon. apple's ceo tim cook said he would like to move more jobs back to america someday. neal karlinsky, abc news, san francisco. coming up here, something
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. and finally tonight, they couldn't believe their ice in a neighborhood of los angeles today. as police chased bank robbers who were in their suv just like the movies. but what made this different is what the suspected perps were throwing out the window, fistfuls of apparently stolen dollars. abc's nick watt. >> reporter: in that speeding black suv, four guys who just robbed a bank in santa clarita. the cops hot on their tail -- a chase topping 100 miles per hour. so far, so l.a. then this -- bundles of cash, thrown from the back seat as the
5:57 pm
car raced through town. people rushed through the street to scoop up the money. >> you see people diving in the street to get that cash. >> reporter: look at that again. they're throwing money out the window. what is this? robin hood? the crowds got thicker cheering the benevolent bandits. >> you have to remember, this is all evidence. you obviously can't take this money. >> reporter: this is the third high-speed chase in l.a. this week. monday a suspected drug dealer actually got away. a rare occurrence. last night a suspected murder cornered, opened up on the cops with an ak-47. >> he got a weapon in his hand. he's gone down. looks like he has an ak-47 in his hand. >> reporter: back to this morning, all of those suspected bank robbers dished out was more of their bootie. >> look at that. >> reporter: the chase lasted 1:20 minutes. deputy, guns drawn, suspects in cuffs, then the gig is up.
5:58 pm
and the crowd surged forward trying to grab cash left inside that car. the crowd looks like they're on the side of the bad guys. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. and we thank you for watching. we will, of course, have the very latest on the attack in libya on "nightline" coming up later. we're always here on we'll see you back here again tomorrow night. good night. again tomorrow night. good n tonight the bay area background of u.s. ambassador to libya being hailed as a hero around the world. >> a final attempt to find sierra lamar, her mother shares emotion was abc 7 news. >> smaller phone, bigger screen. new iphone 5 and some new
5:59 pm
stuff for those of you who aren't ready to upgrade. >> and amazon tax. your last chance to shop online, and still arc void paying it. >> there is no mistake, we'll work with the libyan government to bring justice to the killer who's tacked our people. >> president obama vowing to avenge the death of a bay area diplomat. >> and there is the 52-year-old serving his third stint in libya. stevens and three other americans killed yesterday, september 11th in what began as a demonstration in the u.s. consulate in liba. white house sources say it may have been a diversion for a act of terrorism by al qaeda.
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